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Best hiking trails in Fes

September 6, 2016
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Just when you thought that you are done with Fes, after exploring those narrow alleyways of their medinas and haggling with the vendors at those bustling souks, then you must reassess. Because you might be missing out on the nearby countryside of Fes which is equally enchanting. Hiking across the rural Fes while discovering the rolling hills dotted with olive groves can be fascinating. Your trip to Morocco is worthwhile only if you have explored the hiking trails around Fes which can be covered as a day trip from this northern city of Morocco.

The surrounding regions of Fes offer great hiking possibilities among various terrains of the JbelZerhoun, the JbelZalagh, the JbelKandar, and the Middle Atlas. Get immersed in the natural surroundings on these trails, however, be careful of unfriendly dogs and apes that can create a nuisance.

  1. JbelZalagh hiking

Just a few minutes from Fes, this mountain provides stunning views of Fes while the distant prayer from the city’s mosques plays in the backdrop. To reach Mount Zalaghone must take the Ouezzane road which further climbs on the southern slopes of Mount Zalagh, offering beautiful views on Fes and the Middle Atlas. At 900 m elevations, you can get a panoramic view of Fes as well as that of Sebou river valley, the Saiss plain, the Rif Mountains and the Middle Atlas. Stargazing is the most beautiful activity that can happen from here in the evenings, hence you can’t afford to miss this in your itinerary when you next visit Morocco.

  1. Middle Atlas hiking

Known for a great diversity of sceneries, serene surroundings, including a unique cedar tree forest, many lakes, wild open spaces, and cascades; hiking through the trails of Middle Atlas can be an amazing experience. As you move south of Fes, the scenery changes with elevation. Starting from farmland and olive groves, you will reach an area of fruit production at an elevation of 1300m, before arriving at the level of the oak tree forests around 1500m and finally the majestic cedar tree forest level above 1500m. Each season offers a unique variety of colors to the surrounding. On this trail, be ready to interact with Barbary apes in the forest areas.

  1. JbelZerhoun hiking

This mountainous area between Fes and Meknes is at an elevation of 876 m and is a spectacular landscape with numerous steep valleys and gorges. A great place for bird-watchers, you can hike up to the elevated top and witness some rare species of birds that are mostly migrants. The valleys are intensively used for agriculture and you can see a variety of olive tree plantations nearby. Your Morocco holidays are incomplete without exploring this hiking trail.

  1. JbelKandar hiking

Just 30 km from Fes, at an altitude of 1340 m, JbelKandar offers a summer retreat to travelers. You can experience the AllaOuIchou cascade on your way too. Surrounded by chestnut trees, olive groves, hiking across the dusty roads to JbelKandar can be truly fascinating. Don’t forget to include this for your next Morocco vacation.

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